A powerful new lossless compression software for documents & images.

SQZit provides significantly better lossless compression than leading compression software available in the market today all the while maintaining the quality of data especially of image files.

SQZIt’s patented lossless compression algorithm was originally developed for compression of high-resolution medical imaging files. This technology is now available for documents and images allowing customers to save and protect their captured memories and records in the cloud without losing any resolution or picture quality.

Markets We Serve

Data Compression

On Premise/Public Cloud Storage and Backup
Cloud Data Management

Hi Quality Compression Storage and Backup

Hi-Quality Image Sharing and Storage Portal and Backup

Product Requirements

  • Intel i5 or higher platform, 3Ghz platform
  • 4GB RAM or higher
  • 20GB HDD or equivalent storage space
  • Windows 7 or higher OS

Key Features

  • Support long path names exceeding 260 characters
  • Support sub-directory compression and decompression
  • Drag & drop or browse files/folder to compress
  • Advertisement banner rotation for every 2 seconds
  • UI and CLI option
  • Major file formats supported: Dll, exe, mp3, PNG, BMP, YUV, TiFF, HEIC, m4a, wav, mp4, mov, htm, jsp, asp, html, rtf, gif

Benchmark Data

  • MS Office: SqZit is 15.4% better than Winzip
  • Text data: SQZit is 4.3% better than Winzip
  • PDF: SQZit is 37.9% better than Winzip
  • JPG: SQZit is 94% better than Winzip
  • Other Multimedia formats: SQZit is 25% better than Winzip
  • Web format data: SQZit is 17.3% better than Winzip