MatrixView Video

Precompress your Video & Ensure Faster Data Transfer and Streaming
MatrixView's Video

File Size (H264): 6.84 MB
H264 PSNR: 39.25 dB
File Size : 4.32 MB (Reduction : 36.84%)
PSNR : 38.82 dB

MatrixView's Video

File Size (H264): 6.94 MB
H264 PSNR: 40.54 dB
File Size : 4.29 MB (Reduction : 38.2%)
PSNR : 39.71 dB


MatrixView Inc. has developed a new state of the art and highly disruptive Pre-Compression Algorithm (Technology as MatrixView’s PreCodeTM ), which reduces the file sizes of existing Video File sizes by 2 – 10X without compromising the image and video quality. This reduction achieved by this novel pre-processing technology is completely independent of existing standard JPEG and MPEG encoders and produces an the output file that is in the same format and can be viewed by existing JPEG and MPEG Decoders, without requiring any changes to the decoder.

This PreCodeTM (pre-compression) technology focuses on solving a major problem of Cosine Transform based JPEG and MPEG encoders, which is the- Blocking Artifacts. By removing these blocking artifacts, Matrixview’s PreCodeTM technology achieves superior (much higher) compression using standard encoders. Typical performance ranges up to 10X improvements for file size reduction for mobile applications.


    • Superior Overall Video transmission.
    • Enhanced End-User Experience Storage costs reduction (> 50%)CDN costs reduction ( > 50%)Bandwidth costs reduction ( > 50%)
    • Superior mobile video content rendering on hand held devices.
    • Improvement in transmission speeds/ data transfer rates.
    • Blazing content transfer rates between locations in a fixed pipe.