Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Matrix View’s PreCodeTMTechnology?

Answer: It’s a breakthrough compression technology which acts like as a pre-processing step to the actual encoding step and by virtue of MatrixView’s PreCodeTM technology followed by standard encoders it leads to substantial reduction in file size savings without compromising the image/video quality.

Question: Whats’s so disruptive about it?

Answer: It’s the underlying patented algorithms (technology) that solves the fundamental problem of Cosine Transforms – The Blocking Artifacts and leads to substantial savings in file size without compromising on the quality.

Question: How many patents have been filed by MatrixView regarding PreCodeTM Technology?

Answer: MatrixView has so far filed several patents with worldwide geographical coverage.

Question: Is this Technology, device or platform or operating system or any special software or encoder or decoder centric?

Answer: MatrixView’s PreCodeTM is completely agnostic to devices, softwares, operating system and/or any encoders/decoders.

Question: How can a user access this Technology from MatrixView?

Answer:  MatrixView’s PreCodeTM is available through a) Licensing Arrangement b) Strategic Alliance and Partnership and c) Media compression as a Service.

Question: What’s the business model of MatrixView’s PreCodeTM ?

Answer:  MatrixView Offers its technology through a) NRE (Upfront) b) Monthly RMR and c) Annual Maintenance and Support.

Question: How can we approach MatrixView for a Technology Demonstration?

Answer: Please send us an email at : OR Send us an email via our home page : Get in touch with us section

Question: Where is MatrixView location?

Answer: MatrixView has its World HQs in Sunnyvale and has Engineering/R&D Operations out of India.

Question: How easy it is to use PreCodeTM Technology?

Answer: It’s very easy to use this technology with only two steps involved a) Ingestion of the content that needs pre-compression and b) Producing the media content output that can be encoded by using standard encoders