CMIE Services


Every month, more than 1000 new patient records are being processed to Doctors, GPs, Reporting Specialists and Clinical reporting Groups. Primiary Care Providers, Treasury Care Providers, Hi end Diagnostic imaging Centres and Corporate Hospitals are steadily beginning to start using CMIE’s services to access work from anywhere with anyone – using our remote – connectivity tools and Clinical viewing and reporting to save time, get more done and connect to Patients around the world.

Briding patient care management with clinical, diagnostic and reporting world… To make human lives and patient care better than ever before!

At CMIE Services, we believe in creating products that are:

  • So EASY to implement and use you could learn them without a manual or training.
  • So RELIABLE you can count on them every day without a second thought.
  • So SECURE you can trust that your data is safe – fully encrypted end to end.
  • So ROBUST & FAST that the experience is like being there in person.
  • Scalability - Add and remove data & sites freely at anytime from anywhere as your workload ebbs and flows - without giving up any functionality.
  • Control - CMIE follows the precise directions of your designated internal expert - and you always own your data.
  • Performance - Our unique data compression algorithm allows you to retrieve images at a faster rate. Easy to use & easy to learn with integrated report generation.
  • Predictability - The advanced architecture eliminates the expense and headache of setting up your own IT infrastructure.
  • Security - CMIE’s architecture is designed with privacy & security in mind, leave IT to an expert team and redirect your time, money and resources toward core competencies.
  • Reliability - 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and instant support to provide guaranteed up-time on standardized tested platform.