TRANSFORM YOUR DIGITAL WORLD by MatrixView's PreCode TM Compression Technology
Booth #227-7 Automotive Pavilion, Arm TechCon, San Jose, CA 10/16-18, 2018    
No Decoder
  • Works with all standard decoders
  • Same quality
  • Similar Image Quality Metric
  • No loss in Image Quality
2X - 10X Reduction / Improvements
  • Storage cost savings
  • Higher Data Transfer rate

MatrixView Image

Reduces the Image file sizes of existing JPEG images and MPEG videos by 2 – 10X, with no loss in visual quality of the Image by using standard decoders.

MatrixView Video

Reduces Video file sizes significantly by providing more than 50% size savings with no loss in video quality which allows pushing more content in the pipe.

OriginalMatrixView's Video

MatrixView Service

Offers MatrixView’s PreCodeTM Technology as MatrixView Service Media Engine (MSME TM ) across multiple platforms.