MatrixView is bringing E2E workflow and compression software to address document, video, image and specialized sensors workload such as Radar & Lidar.

Market Trends

The Needs of Data Compression

1) Automotive data deluge

2) Upload data

3) Enterprise document data being stored

4) IoT data being generated

Market Solutions

Addressing the Data Deluge


Enterprise and cloud Document/image and video storage and back up


Dash cam or ADAS

IOT Markets

Drones (surveillance)

Our Technology

Cutting edge data compression, storage, backup services


is a very low complexity proprietary patented “ABO” lossless technology based on binary operations. Standard and traditional systems depend on elimination of data to achieve compression. ABO uses a non-traditional way of transforming standard images (JPEG/JPEG2000), videos (MPEG2/4/5/VP9 etc) and other media (MP3 etc). This translates to providing customers with mission critical lossless compression with low power usage/cost with faster encoding, decoding and retrieval of images and media

PreCode™ Technology

is applicable wherever & whenever any Image or Video is Captured, Uploaded, Downloaded, Stored or Backed Up, Stitching, Stored Images. Precode works alongside existing standard codecs to provide additional savings in storage and bit rate, while keeping the format standard and video’s and images visually lossless.

CMIE Services

is an end to end solution enabling tele-radiology. CMIE provides radiology transmission, online reporting, storage and bandwidth savings. CMIE uses MatrixView’s unique ABO lossless compression, encryption technology and online workflow management software.